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Monday Mastermind Invitation

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For my next trick…

Limited to 10 people this will give you the support to take those leaps you have been hoping for as we round into the second half of 2022. Hope you can join us.

To apply to sign up for $100 ($10 ea session) or $90 paid in full click here This celebration of my final Canfield Certification, normally a $1000 value, is a way for me to give back to those who might not otherwise be able to access this type of learning and support.

Check out this video about the class


Another Milestone, or One Step, Then Another Step, and Another Step…

This is what has be reverberating in my psyche these past months, “Begin again, again, & again.” It seems to me that the dance I’ve been assigned to in this life is that when I get to a certain level of achievement, I am challenged to risk it all. I see this in businesses, relationships, and levels of mastery of all kinds – in order to constantly move to and towards my/our greater becoming ( which is a part of my purpose statement). One must be willing to let go of the wooden structure to gain a stone one, to let go of the lovely iron structure to gain a silver and then a gold one.

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As I have heard many, including my mentor Jack Canfield say, “We must let go of the good to make room for the great.”

Connecting here within my sixth decade to a new/old desire to teach the tools of practical transformation I notice my desire to do it this time smarter, with more support instead of reinventing the wheel as I have done so many times in my life as a serial entrepreneur.

I was reminded today in a LinkedIn post, just how long it has been since I was involved with TreebranchDESIGN. a ’boutique marketing company I helped build and ‘left’ in the Fall of 2018, I believe. WOW! has my life changed & had all that disruption not occurred it is unlikely I would be here. The wheels continue to turn and now a new iteration of myself is emerging. With the sale of our home in MD my mind and heart have begun to seek new roots. The long hibernation from caregiving (which is ongoing, and much more manageable), and maintaining far away connections and duties, has moved enough to both complete and begin again -again 😉

First after joining the Canfield, Train the Trainer community a year or so ago I immersed myself in the online program and was thoroughly inspired by the content and working with the materials in such an in depth way. I did realize upon completion. that though I have led multiple trainings and workshops in many of my entrepreneurial experiences,

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I felt the need for additional support and guidance teaching these tools.  I signed up for the second and third levels of the training. I felt very blessed to have the COVID window open just long enough for an in person training to be announced in January, a calculated risk as the attendance was sure to be less than at past live experiences. So off to San Diego I went. I am so very glad that I did! The intimacy of 30-40 people vs 1-200 or more, was an amazing opportunity!


We each had a training that we presented and were critiqued on by Jack Canfield, Patty Aubrey, and Kathleen Seely.One in a million, certified Canfield Trainer, TTT advanced, Jack Canfield, Canfield Training There were also numerous breakout session trainings on a multiplicity of Canfield Methodology subjects directly applicable to running a live (or online) training. It was very well organized, and they made every effort to be as safe as possible. I came away inspired, encouraged, and connected to a wonderful community of all levels of experience. Each person there having the motivation to make a difference in the world.

As with every high energy, immersive experience, the reentry to the “Real” world can be a bit of a bumpy ride. The high I felt was a bit battered by my own mild case of COVID (triple vaxed likely helped out there) upon arriving home. I choose to believe that after all that incredible input I needed some integration time, which my body obliged me with. This experience is one I likely would never have had without all of the changes involved in our exit from MD and I am so very grateful that I was able to have it.

Circling around and back to the theme of beginning again, what I notice is because this is something I care deeply for, in fact have always cared deeply for and been pulled toward, the commensurate fears are of course making themselves known; “Who would listen to you,” “What do you know about teaching success and transformation,” “There are too many others that do this so much better than you,” and on and on. Sound familiar?

What I have determined. as I did when I started my Bodywork career, is that there is only one me, and there are folks out there who need to hear my stories, my voice, in order to take their own steps forward. If I had received this information earlier in my wanderings, who might I be now? What might I have accomplished and given to this world? If just one (well hopefully more than one) has this open a window into their purpose and vision it will be worth it. Even more, the old adage,” You teach what you need to learn,” reverberates.

So, here I go, palms sweaty, holding tight to the talismans of my vision and journey. One step, another step…hands reaching for support and embracing this new future, beginning again, again.

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Update to the Vision Board Exploration Workshop

What an amazing and gratifying evening! Alka Bromiley of Inspire2 led us on a gentle, yet deep dive into the journey of our own lives. We were all honored to have a chance to bond together, introduce ourselves, spend time in our separate creative spaces, and come together to share what we had created.Vision Board, Exploration, Inner Voices Outer Vision, Art and Soul

Because it was a very hot day (92 degrees) we began our evening in the cooler, air conditioned house. As the sun descended most opted for an outdoor space to work. The water view, and the absolute clarity of the sky formed an inspiring backdrop to our efforts. What was fascinating to observe were the differences not only in content, but in format of each individual’s #VisionBoard

By the end of the evening several lively discussions ensued as we compared design and content, some vowing to continue to add more at home. Though not able to complete my own board during the event (filling plates and glasses, and generally keeping up with hostess duties), I was able to complete a board before heading off to bed.

What fascinated me was the content that evolved on my Vision Board was not at all what I expected Vision Board, Explore your life, Goal Setting, Creative Goal Setting, Soul Cardwould show up. It depicted lots of images of home, Travel, and beauty with very few around my tactical next steps with this business journey. I have been meditating upon this larger #SoulCard of a #VisionBoard and contemplating what my deeper knowing brought to the fore.

Alka informed us that the Vision Board exercise is one that can (& should) be done on a regular basis. I encourage you to give it a try and see what evolves.


If you are interested in knowing when we host this type of event again, feel free to fill out the contact form and we will add you to our email list.

Happy Vision Boarding!

PS Here’s Alka telling us about the process on the Facebook Live at the event

Shared First Offering

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Alka Bromily & Jessica Graves present:

A Vision Board Exploration Workshop

It’s wonderful to have friends that share the same vision of possibilities that you do. I have been wanting to create a physical #VisionBoard for almost a year. That’s about the time that I started working with a local #MasterMind group using Jack Canfield’s “Success Principles” as a base for our explorations. It’s great work, the primary take-a-way being, you attract what you focus your attention on. Not a new concept, not even the 1st I’d heard of it. For some reason, timing, circumstance, whatever, this time I really ‘HEARD’ it. Being artistically inclined the appeal of creating a vision board is powerful, the editing, the process though, are new to me.

That’s why I was so excited to learn that Alka was to be teaching, (perhaps guiding is a better choice of words) one of her Vision Board Explorations with another friend Jessica Graves, a very talented artist (painting, jewelry, you name it). Imagine my delight!

A #VisionBoard is so much more than just a fun art project though. It can be a very powerful tool to connect & harness your unconscious mind on to those directions, ideas, and objects that you desire. By looking at your vision daily, you connect with those good feelings that having what want will bring. I heard it said by Mary Morrissey, life & prosperity coach, that you. “Can’t get to your goals, you have to come from them.” A Vision Board gives you a way to materialize just what your dreams and goals look like. A #VisionBoard becomes a sign post for your desired life & goals.

So here it is, hope that you will decide to come spend an evening exploring your dreams with us…

May 3rd, 6-9PM, $50 (Supplies & refreshments) For tickets: http://bit.ly/2JoPs9v