Creativity can save the world

Hosting this birthday party at a downtown Annapolis fused glass open studio, reintroduced me to the connection between Art-making & its connection with the deeper parts of ourselves, connections to each other, and of course having a lot of fun. This eclectic group of friends and acquaintances most of whom had never met, enjoyed an evening apart from their everyday lives to explore #ArtMaking & each other.

Sharing a creative space opens avenues of conversation that surprise and delight. Removed from the usual topics of politics and our siloed view of the world, tentative openings emerge. The opportunities to delve deeper, in conversation, in growth concepts, and in connecting with one another in support and joy.

The connections forged that evening have carried through to this day.

My entire life I have gathered groups together to create art, inspiration, and deeper connections. Whether a local, neighborhood production of, “Your a Good Man Charlie Brown,” to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy research, or gathering friends to sit around our kitchen table to doodle instead of watching TV, I have the desire to connect and share my love of creativity with each individuals unique expression of their own.

Utilizing all of the #SelfDevelopment tools, #Artmaking techniques, years of experience coaching and tuning in to both the individual and group energetics, together we weave experiences in which the shared artmaking anchors us in a conversation with the voices and dreams within. Both the unconscious and the conscious realign towards the effective attainment of visions, goals, and self- development.

Shared creative expression and exploration is not only fun, it can break down the barriers of divisiveness that separate us from each other, and our highest selves.

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