May 7th, 2023

Join Janet Roessler, Certified Canfield coach and trainer, and Suzanne Oliwa, Certified SoalCollage(R) facilitator, for an afternoon exploration of Purpose, Passion and SoulCollage(R). An in depth conversation with the deepest parts of yourself in a discussion about why you are here. We will be using guided meditations, and other techniques to prime the pump for our SoulCollage(R) experience, ending with a facilitated discussion with what we have created to bring us insight into this timeless inquiry. We hope you can join us!
SoulCollage(R) and Exploration event

Self Exploration around body imageStories We Tell Ourselves: Self Image – An Artmaking, Body Image Exploration

May 17th, 2023

Affirmations Art Exploration Event

Online Exploration Event May 27th 6:30-9PM

Join Janet Roessler of Inner Voices Outer Vision, in collaboration with Julie Allison CZT, Harmony Inspired Art, for this thought-provoking session, using Zentangle to enhance and reinforce these customized  affirmation statements.
Affirmations are a way to replace past negative experiences stored in our subconscious mind with vividly positive outcomes. They are powerful statements that create positive emotional and highly visual pictures of success. Then when we try to achieve something new, our brain will refer to these positive images and support us in achieving more of what it already believes works!
Based on the work of Jack Canfield, The Success Principles.
We will couple this with Zentangle patterns that relate to this concept, inspiring you to move towards where you want to go, what you want to have and who you want to be!
AffirmationsArt, Affirmations, The Power Of The Mind, Jack Canfield, Affirmation Art
Affirmations Art Exploration Event

Another New Start

Getting ready to do a craft show this weekend in Vero Beach Florida with a new line of #AffirmationsArt. Keeping affirmations (direction for our deeper consciousness in a visual and verbal format) displayed to regularly inspire our forward movement is the purpose of mixing these artforms. Blending Spirituality and Artmaking are always at the forefront of my intuitional process. For the first time I am making them available for others to enjoy.

AffirmationsArt, Affirmations, Affirmation Art, Zen Tangle, Art and Spirit

Shared 1st Offering

Ready or not, here we come!

When friends Alka Bromiley ,Laughter Coach, Speaker, & fellow Toastmaster, and Jessica Graves, Painter, Sculptor, Jewelry Artist, Sign Language Interpreter, suggested doing a Vision Board workshop I was all in!

Here’s to the 1st #ExplorationEvent Tickets!¬†¬†

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Creation Mode

Exploration Event #2

Let us know if you’d like to be updated on our next exploration event. You know it will be fun & engage your creative self!