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We are all fellow travelers on this journey of life. One day I hold the lantern for you, the next you hold my hand crossing the stream. We need each other to truly succeed.

Janet Roessler, Inner Voices Outer Vision

See our UPCOMING for current and some past offerings. For current artwork available for sale take a look at the GALLERY

Spring has sprung and Summer in FL is more than on the way!

The Galleries at 111Orange Ave, Ft Pierce, FL are open M-F 10-5, S 10-2 – With the community of artists to colaborate with I am in Heaven! We have Kid’s classes, Paper folding, Candle making, Community Art Gatherings, #ArtWalkFtPierce (3rd Friday of the month), #DropInAndDraw (Thursdays 5-7:30) Life drawing, (2nd Friday of ea month), and of course the Alliance art gallery and shows. Wow!

The Book club is open as well (May 21 2024)

The date is wrong on this image but the message is not! check out my post for the details & Happy 2024!

Word of the year, focus word 2023, flourish. awaken, choosing your word

Aha Experiences: The core of where my heart calls to bring together temporary communities to share that dance between Art and Soul. Collaboratively we can create an event for your group, or contract for one of several templated Exploration Experiences. Using various prompts and trust building exercises we encourage the exploration of our collective inner voices to; Create Vision Boards, Reach towards Goals, Explore the deeper, perhaps wounded parts that need to be “heard”, and have fun, AHA inducing experiences of creating in a safe space. Event promotion can be included and each event will be priced according to it’s unique needs.

Upcoming Events in 2023


Mastermind, facilitated accountability, success training
Vision board exploration

#AffirmationsArt trainings are a combination of personal& spiritual development and Art-making utilizing drawing, digital images and processes to create personal or customized inspirational art. Check out our Facebook page for the latest offerings,

Art/Spirit/ Intuitive Coaching : For you a place to play and explore the Voices that aren’t often heard. Using Mastermind groups, Creative Play, Group Transformational Trainings, and Deep Listening we collaboratively seek out and engage with those hidden or alienated aspects of who you are. From my many years as a trainer and coach, massage therapist, artist, and throughout my advertising and marketing careers I have acted as a sounding board and teacher. My primary function is to help you HEAR YOUR OWN inner voices of wisdom while collaboratively winnowing the great ideas to help bring focus and accountability. (Sessions are 1/2-1 hour average cost $50/session)

More personal to me is the art that I have been producing over the past years. Each piece is original and one of a kind, signed and dated by me. I have some smaller prints available framed or unframed, as well as some printed Affirmation-Art to help remind us to stay on our path. Cost is per piece; Original drawings are $150 plus shipping, smaller pieces are between $20 – 35 plus shipping, jewelry is by the individual piece plus shipping.

I’m excited to be adding this to my “menu” and my life…starting again.

Here are a Few Pictures from some of our AHA gatherings:

I was so honored to be included in the January’s Fielden Institute series of Distinguished Speakers. “Reconnecting to Your Passion and Purpose, Practical Tools to Craft your Vibrant Life,” was the subject. It was such a pleasure to meet LIVE and take folks through some of the fantastic tools, and experiential learning modules that I have been studying and working with from the Canfield Methodology, There were definitely some AHA’s in the house as we worked together to take those first steps to bringing our gifts to the world.

Alka Bromiley, of  facilitated a #VisionBoard Exploration here are some of the pictures. Hope you can join us for our next adventure!

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Other Stuff…

A journal of shared journeys.

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The mysteries of the celestial world.
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