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On Beginning Again, and Again, and Again…

Time management, waiting, perfection, transitions, making the best of where you areWaiting for an idea to achieve perfection before stepping up to the plate is a sure fire way to make sure that idea will never launch, or even see the light of day. There is sometimes an honest hint from the universe that a course of action has not fully ripened. With all of the changes wrought in my life over the past few months, experimenting with alternative monetary streams, contemplating the big move onto our Emerald Dragon (A CSY Pilothouse ketch), starting a real estate renovation/investment with a family member, and beginning to do a little marketing support for a few folks now that there is no non-compete to contend with, there hasn’t been much time to be reaching out towards my stated goals of sharing exploration, and #AhaMoments.


That is real life though, noticing gratitude, Aha’s. and staying the course towards a greater vision of your own, and staying aligned with your purpose while navigating, family, car repair, Mercury in retrograde, and other challenges. So here’s to #RealLife with a vision, and here’s to staying aligned while riding the wave.


BTW a #ThankYou shout out to Renee C. who suggested a movie night. freinds, happy times. movie night (We saw a masterfully executed and performed, “Eighth Grade”   My first ‘fun’ night out with a friend in quite a while).