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The Book Club Is Now OPEN!

The Self-Empowerment, Self-Development,  Self-Exploration Book Club…

Has completed another journey through THE ONE THING, by Gary W Keller, and Jay Patterson 

It’s taken us several months, reading and discussing each chapter a week at a time, and, it was sure worth it. The take-a-ways have been impactful to everyone who participated. As is our process, we now reopen the club to folks who would like to explore with our process before committing to the next book journey. We call this our “Palette Cleanser.”

For the next couple of weeks while we choose our next book, the participants offer to share mini versions of their programs, ideas, and processes – generally giving us all the opportunity to enjoy exploring their offerings, and giving all of us the opportunity to get to know each other better. This week (Jan 16th) Laverne Wilson will be taking us through a taste of her new program, “Unlocking Your BLISS – Find Joy in the journey.”     The following week our resident #Decluttering expert, Alana Whylie, will be sharing some very effective hints and processes.

We meet on ZOOM, Tuesdays at 10AM ET

The book will be chosen by a prayfully blind draw from our magic box with a list of suggested books. After about a week (maybe 2) after starting the book we close the group again until the next completion. We find this adds to the depth people are willing to engage the material with. There is a reason it’s called the Self- Development, Exploration, and Empowerment Book Club, we really “work the book” together as we go through the weekly readings. Leadership is rotated on a volunteer basis so everyone has a chance to lead if they are interested.


If you are interested in hearing more, have questions, or just want to say, “I’m IN!” please send and email with SELF DEVELOPMENT BOOK CLUB in the subject line to: [email protected] or reach out on Social Media to InnerVoicesOuterVision

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