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Some Quiet Musings on Gratitude

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” anonymous


Not sure how I feel about using typing on here to do my journaling, and, giving it a shot because it’s easier to transfer the info to a later digital iteration like a blog, so here goes…

pasadena, waterfront home, happy place, misty morning, cozy cottage, home?, going homeMercury is still in retrograde and much to be done while I debate in my head about our upcoming future plans, like our upcoming trip to MD and trying to determine what we can get do, where we can stay, and how long we will be gone from here.

colonnades, Florida condos, rainbows over the water, rainbow in FL, Waterfront living, Ft Pierce, FloridaOur new neighbor, Nancy(?), has moved in downstairs. Last night at about 2 am I crashed a bunch of pots and pans while putting them away and as a result cringed thinking of how I was disturbing everyone. She has offered to water my plants for which I am grateful. I am noticing the awareness of the energies of the others that I share this building with, the insulation for sound is sparse, and my sensitivities as always are quite acute.

Morning peace and writing about what I am grateful for, this technology for making it possible for me to communicate to people and organizations Miles away. The ability to practice my typing, practice a language, practice the discerning listening of focusing on the birds singing, the surge of sensuality rising like sap in my body, the satisfied fullness from this morning’s breakfast. I am grateful for this home, a second floor condo overlooking a small bay of the Indian River Lagoon.

I am so grateful for the closeness to the ocean from here I am grateful for this quiet AM as RB does his own thing as I get ready to do mine. I am grateful for Steve D for being there in my brother’s place keeping an eye on him. I am grateful that RB is doing so well, getting more independent every day, and doing his thing of connecting to people reaching out, and making win/win situations for us. I am so grateful every night when I climb in bed to be able to reach out and stroke his soft skin, hear him breathing, and his purr for half a second of awareness before diving back in to sleep. I am grateful for the resources given to us by his parents from their lifetime of saving, working, and investing that have made our unconventional life possible. I am so grateful for both the resources, and the lessons they passed on to both RB and myself. I am grateful for the grandchildren and the joys they bring to our lives. I am grateful for the comforts of this place, all that was provided to us in completeness from furniture to curtains, hurricane shutters and dishes. I am grateful to “Chad” and Winnie, and the garden for a new/old adventure in relationship to my “New Home” and this place on the earth, and All Our Relations.

I am grateful for All Our Relations for the many gifts that are given and provided, from the very air I breathe to the would of the table and frame of the sofa I am on. I am grateful for the minerals and plants, and animals, flora and fauna, cousins all in this great web of life. Bugs to birds to water, ahhh water, soothes, quenches, births, home to fishes and whales, dolphins and manatee, turtles and an entire unseen world within our world. Provider of life, o2 and food for us, I give my heartfelt thanks!

Les oiseaux; songs, inspiration, flight, feathers, omens, a near constant in my life, thank you. The minerals, metals, and ancient plants that our modern world is made up of, I give my heartfelt awestruck thanks for all you do and allow to be done. To the vast bowl of atmosphere surrounding our planet, holding in the air and keeping out the worst parts of the suns blessing to this planet, thank you, we wouldn’t be able to be here if not for you. The animals all, domesticated and wild – lending stories, and flesh to our stories, clothing and shelter entertaining us and keeping us alive, thank you!

To the bug nations, cleanup crews, pollinators, messengers, food for so many. lady bug, desi van, good bugs, bug nationsThey are colorful, brave resourceful, powerful and so different from us in the way you organize and do stuff.

Molds and bacteria, Lichen and… Stones and sand, seas and rivers and streams, This vast and generous Earth/Home/Mother  I give my heartfelt thanks so much to be grateful for G_d(dess)/ Divine creator, Thank you for the spark of my life that animates me and makes me want to be more, to explore, discover and create. Thank you for this miracle of existence for this one tiny, endless moment, Thank you