Next steps after achieving a goal or MORE BABY STEPS

Baby Steps!

You set a goal, taken the steps to get there. You were vigilant at maintaining your focus and attitude with the tools in your toolbox: reviewing your goal, taking action,  doing affirmations, using EFT tapping when you had anxiety, etc.

The journey of accomplishment stretches and develops us like nothing else. Challenging our old paradigms and beliefs, then coming out successful builds your self confidence and makes it that much more possible to tackle that next vision, dream, and go after those desires. Well what if it isn’t perfect, you fell short?

I was working with a goal last year to “Achieve and maintain my goal weight of 134# (or less) by Dec 31st, 2022” and guess what, I didn’t make it. I could have beaten myself up, decided since I didn’t get there I should just give up, etc. Instead I chose my focus. I focused on what I had accomplished.

I went from 185# to 137# a total of 48#’s, wow, I am amazed just typing this!  I developed much better eating habits, gave up alcohol (still working with sugar issues some), and I exercise almost every day. Am I still moving forward – absolutely!

You’ve Done it!

It’s so easy for us to discount what we have accomplished and therefore robbing ourselves of that all important boost of energy and self esteem needed to take on new challenges. Remembering the the journey of working towards a goal is so much more than just getting to the goal. We develop discipline, awareness, and yes self confidence. Let’s celebrate those achievements at each step of the way. You achieved your goal!

Whoo Hoo! It worked!


SO, Now What?

What’s next after the celebration? Well perhaps you have other goals in your life already, in which case go for it! Take the time to break it down into milestones, baby steps, and create your affirmations and visual touchstones. You know the drill now, review them daily, feel inside how it will be when you have accomplished the goal.

But what if you don’t know what’s next, what if you are caught up in the letdown that can follow an achievement?

Taking the time to  reconnect to you purpose, passion, and wheel of Life (the different areas that make up a balanced life), and even just asking, “What do I want,” can get you started.

tend your garden, watch the self talkRemember, as far as we KNOW – we only have this one life so using your time and focus to move you in the directions you WANT to go seems like a very good way to spend you time and effort. I always like to say, “No one lives in here besides you.”