Journeys and Adventures

eclipse 2024 Not the best picture, and what can you expect from a 4+ year old Android phone. The adventure though, that was really something. 7 years ago I had decided to head multiple 100’s of miles from MD to TN to view my 2nd #ToatalEclipse. This choice was the beginning of many many, dramatic changes in my life – the loss of my business, the sale of my house and boat, my husband’s stroke, my mother’s death, and also the reclamation of MY life’s purpose, To Nudge, teach, and learn, each of us to and towards our highest becoming, utilizing my curiosity, creativity, and WONDER, to help make this world better – of course while leaving room for that which is even better, for the highest good of ALL.

A mouthful right?

Ultimately the point as it has been for me, since being a young child encouraging my friends to draw together at the dining room table, the desire to share #ARTMAKING as a way to see ourselves, and share with each other the wisdoms and beauty of creation.

Noting this, reconnecting to this has been a journey, a privilege with each group, or individual I work with -formally, or for fun at an event.

Fast forward to April 2024 and my now 3rd #TotalSolarEclipse the magic and wonder still so much a part of my life, the lovely synchronicities of an almost cloudless sky (when everything was predicted otherwise), a truly loving and friendly collection of spiritual seekers randomly gathered at this tiny town. Such awe at our place demonstrated by the cosmos.

Thanks is what I have to offer, for my studio, my new friends, my artist colleagues, and the Alliance for giving me an artistic home.